Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I try to be fair but when i remark at other sites I get the usuall holyer than you attitudes from liberals who think their smarter than everyone else on earth. to them im just a crank. Or a lot think that no one could be a dumb as dumb old Merle. I keep saying to these people that there is lots of guys like me out there. Becuse we have jobs and had a harder time voting this year the liberals won but mark my words the next election will be different.

You libs have two years to fly right and straithen up.

I went to place about space recently and left remarks there and of course the liberals call me dumb. Like they had this pic of a angel and it was clear as day it wasnt no damn bird or moth or shit like that but because they dont believe in stuff like that they rule it out rite away. I just said that to believe it was a bird took as much faith as beliving it was an angel. Thats the gospel truth. Ive been hunting for a long long time and i know what a bird looks like. Mebbe im not book smart but Im not totally stupid.

Anyway this space page is run by a guy whose always trashing creationists and people of faith. Again were all rubes for believing the earth is not 4 trillon years. They say it just cant happen in 6000 years like the bible says. again, you have your faith and i have mine. A lot of smart people say that the earht is not that old. So i trust who i want to believe and you trust who you want to belive. It boils down to faith. I guess I just dont wanna believe in a religion that says i came from monkeys is all.

This space guy posted a pic of him and a woman whose atheist. Again the same people who trash religious people and say they are just looking for the truth sure hang out a lot with atheists. Which if your scepticle at all you would think real hard about if these people dont have agendas.
People of faith must stand up for their freedoms and rights before atheism takes it away

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

foul mouthed liberals

my son keeps telling me i kneed to see pen and teller. i didnt have any idea who these people were and just watched one of the cds he got so i could watch.

just sums up my beliefs about liberals they are all foul mouthed cry babies.

i watched one about evolution and all they do is make fun of scholars that have spent probably more time studying creation than they been alive. funny how liberals call their "experts" scholars if they went to a pinko college like harvard but laugh at everyone else even if they have a phd like gish. then again gish got more sense than those two freaks put together

anyway i like how when a liberal cant say anything that makes sense they just be mean and use lots of foul and vulgar langauge
more sick shit

the liberals make me sick. they keep smearing a innocent man and good one like haggard.

i know haggard cause i went to one of his services once. the whole church was alive and it was so wonderful. unlike the hate i feel every day from the liberals in this country there it was nothing but love. haggard is a man of love and it realy pains me to see people lieing about him like they are now. if only people could see that christians are about love.

obviously he cant be gay and his so called friend is forgetting a commandmant about not baring false witness. a good man cant be gay cause its wrong and evil. and im not again gays actually i think they are probably good people but they the devil controls there minds. thats why we cant have gay marriage cause it means were oking evil.

i hate the liberals so much. they are evil. they are real damned lucky they live here in america cause anywhere else theyd get the shit kicked out of them. but i dont know why free speach means i have to listen to thei r shit. fuck you liberal traitors

Monday, November 13, 2006

just plain sick...

if a relative of mine was killed and i had to go to the cemetary and see pagan shit everywhere id be pissed. and i never realized that islamics get to put their stuff on the markers. dont anyone see how goofy this is? were fighting those people and still they get to put their stuff in our cemetaries and put their stamps on my mail while i cant even have the 10 commandmants. i cant even have under GOD in my pledge anymore.

all makrers should have the cross on it cause its the symbol of our nation. if islamofasists dont want to be buried under the cross then they shoudl think twice before attacking our nation

Sunday, November 12, 2006

these elections had one good thing about them and thats gay marriage got shot down everywhere like normal. i guess outside of the wacko liberal places good people still see morals is morals. a letting gays do what they want aint morals.

marriage is sacred and one thing god said is between man and woman so they have kids. i guess we live in a free country so i gots to live and let live when it comes to gays but i dont have to let the law says its ok. first, god created adam and even not adam and steve. marriage is what god meant for man and woman. so cause marriage is like that then the goverment cant just let anyone marry. thats the law and always has been.

but other stuff bugs me. i listen to j seckulow from the aclj on the radio and tv and i was sick when the activist judges said sodomy is just fine and dandy. i cant believe a country founded by christians and i dont care what anyone says. i alrady know my history and i know that the fathers were all christian godly men. and i cant think they would be happy that the judges let sodomy in as law.

sodomy is sick and wrong. i can tolerate gays but there behavior is all of our business. we need more good judges to roll this sick law back and make sodomy illegal again.
i get a lot of people saying im stupid cause i dont know grammer and spelling. everyone says i need to use big letters when i type. LIKE THIS i guess.

growing up i guess i never learned the difference when you type in all big letters and when you dont.

i guess im stupid
ive been a borriwin a computer from a friend then i forgot my password so i havent been hear for a while. i guess no one cares anyhow since only people that come here usual are negative people.

anyhow those elections we had, i just cant figger what people where thinking if the results were real. demorats have stolen a lot of elections like when kenedy won. so for them to steal anothern doesnt surprise me one bit. but if it wasnt then i guess i cant figger what the deal is

anyhow i gues sits true that your vote dont matter anyhow so im glad i didnt waste my time voting.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

whats wrong with kansas?

my brother in law is from lawrence and grew up there. he went to ku and now works there. when i was at his house recently i saw a book on his table that was called something like whats wrong with kansas. he told me a little about it and it basically was written by a guy not really from the state. he grew up in kansas city in a super rich suburb but went to ku. as soon as he could he fled the state to go east and now makes a living attacking the people who paid for his education.

like i need to listen to one more rich kid telling me why im stupid because im christian or im stupid because i dont think president bush is terrible. like all liberals every is stupid except them. only thing thats wrong about kansas is that he ever was here.
book learning vs common sense

i said on another place that book learning only takes you so far and that you need common sense. someone responded that it had it backwards that common sense only goes so far then you need book learning. i dont think so.

my brother in law grew up in lawrence here in kansas which is the most liberal town in the state. they would vote to succeed from america if they could to join with cuba which is the workers paradise of course. or part of europe. anyway he told me about the neighborhood where he grew up there and about the nutty professers that couldnt mow there lawns or didnt own even a single screwdriver yet they were up at ku teaching kids what to think! my brother now works at ku as a accountant keeping tabs on the professers who probably would take a quarter to buy a nickel. he cant stop all their waste but does his best. every time i see him he hells me about the waste. professers that bought a new computer last year buy another one just because grant money is there. spend spend spend is all they no to do and dont have even one lick of good old fashioned horse sense.

common sense can be made fun of by the elitists in lawrence the college students and lexus driving people thumbing there noses at us here in the heartland but we are the ones working to bring them food and fight for this country. i bet not one of those fancy professers at ku could come out here in the field for even half a day without killing himself. shit maybe not 15 minutes. i wonder if a guy that sits behind a desk all day telling regular people their stupid for beliving in god could actually coax corn out of hte soil to make food and gasoline. nope.

anyway the stuff i see on the internet amazes and saddens me. people who hate both god and common sense people who hate regular working folks that struggle just to put food on the table while they study stars we will never go to and try to make a fuss about white tail vs black tail praire dogs both are pests and need to be eradicated. regular people work while people like john swiftboat kerry fly a kite on a surfboard, thumbing there noses at guys lke me who work from sun up to sun down every day to put food on americas tables.

but things are changing. the fact is the born again people have voted made their voices heard and put good men into power. this wont change unless i guess good people get complasent again like before and stop voting. thats why i have to rile up my brothers which include guys in the military, people who go to church and believe in god and jesus and regular blue coller people like me to go and vote next week. we made a lot of changes but we are still under seige. i heard jay seckulow saying on the radio that we are still a longs way from being a godly country again. we need to ban abortion totally we need an amendment to keep marriage sacred and we need to get things back like they were when people were descent and a guy could turn on his tv and not see nudity and sex and smut and filth that hte liberals put there.

and as for hte liberals you are cowards. you dont fight for anything except crazy ideas like communism. you wont fight for america and mock our troops. you are trying to ruin marrage and hurtour kids. you undermine everything about the majority of us who make this country work. you try to pervert our kids with filthy sex on tv and in the schools and are more worried about putting condoms on every childs wang than educating them. when you do teach them you teach them that we are monkeys and that nothing matters and we came out of a pile of mud. you are losing and the people wont let you get away with it any more. its time that we make it clear that you will be tolerated only as long as you follow the rules from now on.

god bless america.
ive been wasting time lately at other places on the net arguing with people who dont listen and dont want to think about things. they already decided to think a certain way and cant be swayed. our church talks about how to witness to nonbelievers and they are clear that some people cant be saved. you cant always change someones mind because satan all ready has control over them.

same with the people ive argued with. so i think im going to stay on places where i can read the thoughts of people like me and ive found a few good ones like i cant say for sure what the name is suposed to mean but its a great place with good solid americans a lot of them even very intellectual. i also like those are places where you can post your ideas and respond to things people post.

if i want reliable news i go to or both are great but worldnetdaily actually covers stuff the regular liberal media never talks about. they are brave and take a stand for president bush. supporting the president is a good way to get fired or beaten up these days as peoples hate has gotten out of control.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the media makes it out like their is some big debate in kansas about evolution and creation. the real deal is that the liberals from big cities like lawrence have crammed a flawed theory down the throats of good people and told them they are stupid for thinking that way.

the majority of kansans think evolution is bunk. its not science and many, many scientists have tried to speak their minds about it and many lost their jobs because of it. teachers are forced to teach it even if it goes against their deep religious beliefs and kids are forced to hear it even if their parents dont want them hearing it. just a handful of liberal nuts are doing this and their goal is sinister. they want us all to be atheists.

recently i heard about a man who came to the college at ku recently. hes supposedly some big time scientist with books and talks on tv all the time. he came to talk about evolution but spent most of the time talking about how teaching your own kids about jesus is child abuse. those are his words folks, not mine. he compares beating or raping a child with teaching them the truth. its sick and these people want to use their power to make it happen. look at what liberal activist judges have done over the years. they let criminals go free because a cop didnt have time to give them a talking to about their rights. (right like when an arrest is going down a cop has the time to do this...and were talking about thugs here they dont deserve rights anyway) they signed off on the deaths of millions of children. they make porno a right. the make flag burning a right. the let fags marry. and they interfer with states when they can telling them they have to let black and whites marry even if it was a law on their books since the 1600s.

this man at ku is the shape of things to come unless good americans stand up. we christians have done good these past few years. we got a good, born again man in office. we got the dumbocrats out of congress. but when the liberal activist run the courts and they keep making laws when they have no right were all at risk.

the evolution thing is another example. i cant believe taht i came from a monkey and i dont think anyone else does neither. its foolish to think that we just came from nothing. scientists cant explain why life started. oh sure they tell us about the big bang but never why that happened. they cant explains miracles like the shrod of turin. they cant explain how jesus was seen three days after he died. but they are sure quick to defend a cult of maniacs who kill children with airplanes. the hate christians but love people who hate our freedoms and want to enslave our girls. they want us all to be atheists thinking we are no more than big monkeys.

i think we ought to take a vote and put it to the people. all important issues. we let the people decide if fags should get married and they said no here in kansas. now we need a vote on if people want their kids hearing we are from monkeys. they will say no. we need a vote on if we keep wanting children to be killed in abortion clinics and kansans will say no. we need a vote to see if we want god to return to our schools and make prayer mandatory and kansans will says yes. lets also take a vote to see if we want mexicans coming in here illegaly and i bet kansans will say no.

maybe thats how we should do things so we get around liberal judges making the rules for us. like torture. most good people know its necessary to get information about stuff from the terrorists. its really that simple. do we want to be blown up or do we want our kids to live safely? and is torturing evil murderer terrorists a crime? these people are scum and animals and hate everything we stand for including our love for god. so they need to be treated like the animals they are if they cant live like human beings. just like iraq. we knew them people were animals just waiting for a chance to shoot off their nukes (which are in syria or iran now thanks to the libtards who slowed down our attack enought o let them escape). we had to stop them and bet most americans would have voted for the war.

anyway i so mad i could yell right now. im so tired of the liberal traitors. why dont you pinko bastards move some place that likes your atheist shit? like france?
i'm a regular joe and i'm tired of the traitors ruining this country. and the traitors are the liberals who run everything. they control america and pull the strings. don't let anyone tell you different. liberals hate america and want to see america fall. they hate god and like to make fun of good people here who are the true defenders of their freedoms. they want to remake america into a atheist godless place no matter that the founding fathers were all born again christians. its historical fact that washington, jeffersen and lincoln were all evangelical christians and based the constitution upon the bible. if you want facts about this go to its all their.

i make no secret that i hate liberal atheist traitors. i think all people should take a loyalty test to see if they are loyal to america. i also think anyone not christian should be kept from opening their mouths. i dont know if i think they should be kicked out of the country, but just because this is a free country don't mean we have to listen to there bullshit.

now about me. im a regular joe like most good americans. i work hard and try to be a good honest person. i even vote like were supposed to because good people need tos tand up and be counted. fortunately i live in kansas and we got good people here in power. sam brownback and jim ryun are good examples of godly men who love jesus and honor america. anyway im not married so if any ladies out their are interested email me. i love music, mostly country. i hunt and fish and like to watch the races when i can. i never was in the military but regret that because i think all men should serve their country. i think the draft should come back because to many young men take their freedom from granite.

feel free to email me but i dont want to hear any liberal bullshit. i have to listen to liberal b.s. on the radio, tv and internet. the liberals control the media and most of the courts and goverment. why write to hassle me? i want to talk to people who think like me and maybe make some friends allong the way.

god bless america