Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I try to be fair but when i remark at other sites I get the usuall holyer than you attitudes from liberals who think their smarter than everyone else on earth. to them im just a crank. Or a lot think that no one could be a dumb as dumb old Merle. I keep saying to these people that there is lots of guys like me out there. Becuse we have jobs and had a harder time voting this year the liberals won but mark my words the next election will be different.

You libs have two years to fly right and straithen up.

I went to place about space recently and left remarks there and of course the liberals call me dumb. Like they had this pic of a angel and it was clear as day it wasnt no damn bird or moth or shit like that but because they dont believe in stuff like that they rule it out rite away. I just said that to believe it was a bird took as much faith as beliving it was an angel. Thats the gospel truth. Ive been hunting for a long long time and i know what a bird looks like. Mebbe im not book smart but Im not totally stupid.

Anyway this space page is run by a guy whose always trashing creationists and people of faith. Again were all rubes for believing the earth is not 4 trillon years. They say it just cant happen in 6000 years like the bible says. again, you have your faith and i have mine. A lot of smart people say that the earht is not that old. So i trust who i want to believe and you trust who you want to belive. It boils down to faith. I guess I just dont wanna believe in a religion that says i came from monkeys is all.

This space guy posted a pic of him and a woman whose atheist. Again the same people who trash religious people and say they are just looking for the truth sure hang out a lot with atheists. Which if your scepticle at all you would think real hard about if these people dont have agendas.
People of faith must stand up for their freedoms and rights before atheism takes it away

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

foul mouthed liberals

my son keeps telling me i kneed to see pen and teller. i didnt have any idea who these people were and just watched one of the cds he got so i could watch.

just sums up my beliefs about liberals they are all foul mouthed cry babies.

i watched one about evolution and all they do is make fun of scholars that have spent probably more time studying creation than they been alive. funny how liberals call their "experts" scholars if they went to a pinko college like harvard but laugh at everyone else even if they have a phd like gish. then again gish got more sense than those two freaks put together

anyway i like how when a liberal cant say anything that makes sense they just be mean and use lots of foul and vulgar langauge
more sick shit

the liberals make me sick. they keep smearing a innocent man and good one like haggard.

i know haggard cause i went to one of his services once. the whole church was alive and it was so wonderful. unlike the hate i feel every day from the liberals in this country there it was nothing but love. haggard is a man of love and it realy pains me to see people lieing about him like they are now. if only people could see that christians are about love.

obviously he cant be gay and his so called friend is forgetting a commandmant about not baring false witness. a good man cant be gay cause its wrong and evil. and im not again gays actually i think they are probably good people but they the devil controls there minds. thats why we cant have gay marriage cause it means were oking evil.

i hate the liberals so much. they are evil. they are real damned lucky they live here in america cause anywhere else theyd get the shit kicked out of them. but i dont know why free speach means i have to listen to thei r shit. fuck you liberal traitors

Monday, November 13, 2006

just plain sick...

if a relative of mine was killed and i had to go to the cemetary and see pagan shit everywhere id be pissed. and i never realized that islamics get to put their stuff on the markers. dont anyone see how goofy this is? were fighting those people and still they get to put their stuff in our cemetaries and put their stamps on my mail while i cant even have the 10 commandmants. i cant even have under GOD in my pledge anymore.

all makrers should have the cross on it cause its the symbol of our nation. if islamofasists dont want to be buried under the cross then they shoudl think twice before attacking our nation

Sunday, November 12, 2006

these elections had one good thing about them and thats gay marriage got shot down everywhere like normal. i guess outside of the wacko liberal places good people still see morals is morals. a letting gays do what they want aint morals.

marriage is sacred and one thing god said is between man and woman so they have kids. i guess we live in a free country so i gots to live and let live when it comes to gays but i dont have to let the law says its ok. first, god created adam and even not adam and steve. marriage is what god meant for man and woman. so cause marriage is like that then the goverment cant just let anyone marry. thats the law and always has been.

but other stuff bugs me. i listen to j seckulow from the aclj on the radio and tv and i was sick when the activist judges said sodomy is just fine and dandy. i cant believe a country founded by christians and i dont care what anyone says. i alrady know my history and i know that the fathers were all christian godly men. and i cant think they would be happy that the judges let sodomy in as law.

sodomy is sick and wrong. i can tolerate gays but there behavior is all of our business. we need more good judges to roll this sick law back and make sodomy illegal again.
i get a lot of people saying im stupid cause i dont know grammer and spelling. everyone says i need to use big letters when i type. LIKE THIS i guess.

growing up i guess i never learned the difference when you type in all big letters and when you dont.

i guess im stupid
ive been a borriwin a computer from a friend then i forgot my password so i havent been hear for a while. i guess no one cares anyhow since only people that come here usual are negative people.

anyhow those elections we had, i just cant figger what people where thinking if the results were real. demorats have stolen a lot of elections like when kenedy won. so for them to steal anothern doesnt surprise me one bit. but if it wasnt then i guess i cant figger what the deal is

anyhow i gues sits true that your vote dont matter anyhow so im glad i didnt waste my time voting.