Sunday, November 12, 2006

these elections had one good thing about them and thats gay marriage got shot down everywhere like normal. i guess outside of the wacko liberal places good people still see morals is morals. a letting gays do what they want aint morals.

marriage is sacred and one thing god said is between man and woman so they have kids. i guess we live in a free country so i gots to live and let live when it comes to gays but i dont have to let the law says its ok. first, god created adam and even not adam and steve. marriage is what god meant for man and woman. so cause marriage is like that then the goverment cant just let anyone marry. thats the law and always has been.

but other stuff bugs me. i listen to j seckulow from the aclj on the radio and tv and i was sick when the activist judges said sodomy is just fine and dandy. i cant believe a country founded by christians and i dont care what anyone says. i alrady know my history and i know that the fathers were all christian godly men. and i cant think they would be happy that the judges let sodomy in as law.

sodomy is sick and wrong. i can tolerate gays but there behavior is all of our business. we need more good judges to roll this sick law back and make sodomy illegal again.


Blogger the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

If you think rights for gays are a bigger issue than Iraq, and abridging civil rights from the Bill of Rights, and dismissing the Geneva Conventions, and dissolving the wall between church and state, then you go ahead.

Jesus mentions nothing about gays. Nada.
And the Founders in any case did not believe in the divinity of Jesus or the infallibility of the Bible. I have read their words on the subject, and you have clearly not. Find me one reference to God in the Constitution, please.

We have bigger problems to solve, Merle.

3:01 PM  
Blogger the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Guess you have nothing to say when the truth is in front of you.

6:55 PM  

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