Tuesday, November 14, 2006

foul mouthed liberals

my son keeps telling me i kneed to see pen and teller. i didnt have any idea who these people were and just watched one of the cds he got so i could watch.

just sums up my beliefs about liberals they are all foul mouthed cry babies.

i watched one about evolution and all they do is make fun of scholars that have spent probably more time studying creation than they been alive. funny how liberals call their "experts" scholars if they went to a pinko college like harvard but laugh at everyone else even if they have a phd like gish. then again gish got more sense than those two freaks put together

anyway i like how when a liberal cant say anything that makes sense they just be mean and use lots of foul and vulgar langauge


Blogger Christian Burnham said...

I still can't tell if this site is satire or not. I just can't imagine anyone being that stupid. (Apologies if you are that stupid)

1:24 AM  
Blogger trueamericanpatriot said...

christian has a great name but doesnt follow the guidelines or our faith. He smears me on another page just because he can. He knows i can say anything about him over there or defend myself there because i will be banned. Most boards are so byassed adn the leader will ban people he dont like.

christian i dont get why you people cant figure out weather im real or not. I guess all those college classes teaching you to even question truth has got you not even knowing if people are real anymore..

10:05 AM  
Blogger the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Oh, you're real alright, Merle.
But you are also an intellectual coward, unwilling to defend yourself when challenged by someone using reason to refute your superstitous malarky.

The Bible was written by fallible men.
Jesus was a man.
He died, and was not reborn.
Still, he was a great philosopher, one we should heed.
Paul, on the other hand, was a power-hungry thug, unworthy of Jesus' teachings. The church followed, and follows, Paul's lead. It is corrupt and obscene, and keeps us from our true selves. It must be kept from the reins of government at all costs.

I will give my life to keep church and state separate, Merle.


5:05 PM  

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