Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ive been wasting time lately at other places on the net arguing with people who dont listen and dont want to think about things. they already decided to think a certain way and cant be swayed. our church talks about how to witness to nonbelievers and they are clear that some people cant be saved. you cant always change someones mind because satan all ready has control over them.

same with the people ive argued with. so i think im going to stay on places where i can read the thoughts of people like me and ive found a few good ones like www.littlegreenfootballs.com. i cant say for sure what the name is suposed to mean but its a great place with good solid americans a lot of them even very intellectual. i also like www.freerepublic.com. those are places where you can post your ideas and respond to things people post.

if i want reliable news i go to foxnews.com or worldnetdaily.com. both are great but worldnetdaily actually covers stuff the regular liberal media never talks about. they are brave and take a stand for president bush. supporting the president is a good way to get fired or beaten up these days as peoples hate has gotten out of control.


Blogger confusedforeigner said...

I was confused as to whether this blog was a parody or not, but this post surely removes all doubt.

Definitely parody.

Hilarious the way you work littlegreenbigots.com into the story and then say that there is too much hate in the world.

Sheer genius.

5:29 PM  

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