Tuesday, October 31, 2006

book learning vs common sense

i said on another place that book learning only takes you so far and that you need common sense. someone responded that it had it backwards that common sense only goes so far then you need book learning. i dont think so.

my brother in law grew up in lawrence here in kansas which is the most liberal town in the state. they would vote to succeed from america if they could to join with cuba which is the workers paradise of course. or part of europe. anyway he told me about the neighborhood where he grew up there and about the nutty professers that couldnt mow there lawns or didnt own even a single screwdriver yet they were up at ku teaching kids what to think! my brother now works at ku as a accountant keeping tabs on the professers who probably would take a quarter to buy a nickel. he cant stop all their waste but does his best. every time i see him he hells me about the waste. professers that bought a new computer last year buy another one just because grant money is there. spend spend spend is all they no to do and dont have even one lick of good old fashioned horse sense.

common sense can be made fun of by the elitists in lawrence the college students and lexus driving people thumbing there noses at us here in the heartland but we are the ones working to bring them food and fight for this country. i bet not one of those fancy professers at ku could come out here in the field for even half a day without killing himself. shit maybe not 15 minutes. i wonder if a guy that sits behind a desk all day telling regular people their stupid for beliving in god could actually coax corn out of hte soil to make food and gasoline. nope.

anyway the stuff i see on the internet amazes and saddens me. people who hate both god and common sense people who hate regular working folks that struggle just to put food on the table while they study stars we will never go to and try to make a fuss about white tail vs black tail praire dogs both are pests and need to be eradicated. regular people work while people like john swiftboat kerry fly a kite on a surfboard, thumbing there noses at guys lke me who work from sun up to sun down every day to put food on americas tables.

but things are changing. the fact is the born again people have voted made their voices heard and put good men into power. this wont change unless i guess good people get complasent again like before and stop voting. thats why i have to rile up my brothers which include guys in the military, people who go to church and believe in god and jesus and regular blue coller people like me to go and vote next week. we made a lot of changes but we are still under seige. i heard jay seckulow saying on the radio that we are still a longs way from being a godly country again. we need to ban abortion totally we need an amendment to keep marriage sacred and we need to get things back like they were when people were descent and a guy could turn on his tv and not see nudity and sex and smut and filth that hte liberals put there.

and as for hte liberals you are cowards. you dont fight for anything except crazy ideas like communism. you wont fight for america and mock our troops. you are trying to ruin marrage and hurtour kids. you undermine everything about the majority of us who make this country work. you try to pervert our kids with filthy sex on tv and in the schools and are more worried about putting condoms on every childs wang than educating them. when you do teach them you teach them that we are monkeys and that nothing matters and we came out of a pile of mud. you are losing and the people wont let you get away with it any more. its time that we make it clear that you will be tolerated only as long as you follow the rules from now on.

god bless america.


Blogger the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

America is free today in large part because of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense".
He was a great patriot who donated the profits from his book to the soldiers to buy them mittens at Valley Forge.
Every American should read it.

3:23 PM  
Blogger the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole said...

Call me Vertalio now.
Oh, and when you threaten people to think as you do, or else, do you really think Jesus would approve?

5:33 PM  

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